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SoJavaScriptEngine Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SoJavaScriptEngine:

Public Member Functions

virtual SbBool executeScript (const SbName &name, const SbString &script) const
virtual SbBool executeFile (const SbName &filename) const
virtual SbBool executeFunction (const SbName &name, int argc, const SoField *argv, SoField *rval=NULL) const
virtual SbBool setScriptField (const SbName &name, const SoField *f) const
virtual SbBool unsetScriptField (const SbName &name) const
virtual SbBool getScriptField (const SbName &name, SoField *f) const
virtual SbBool hasScriptField (const SbName &name) const
SbBool field2jsval (const SoField *f, jsval *v) const
SbBool jsval2field (const jsval v, SoField *f) const
void enableAutoNodeUnref (SbBool onoff)
SbBool getAutoNodeUnrefState (void) const
JSContext * getContext (void) const
JSObject * getGlobal (void) const
void addHandler (const SoType &type, SoJSWrapperInitFunc *init, SoJSfield2jsvalFunc *field2jsval, SoJSjsval2field2Func *jsval2field)

Static Public Member Functions

static SoJavaScriptEnginegetEngine (JSContext *cx)
static SbBool init (uint32_t maxbytes=4194304)
static void shutdown (void)
static SbBool debug (void)
static JSRuntime * getRuntime (void)

Protected Member Functions

void setContext (JSContext *context)
void setGlobal (JSObject *global)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void setRuntime (JSRuntime *runtime)

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